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Koh Samet Beach Haad Sai Kaew Thailand

May 12, 2021 By Richard

Discover Thailand with Thailand Discovery Koh Samet Beach Koh Samet Beach Thailand. Just 200 kilometers from Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand, the T-shaped island of Koh Samet is famed for its white sandy beaches, exotic coral and crystal clear waters. Koh Samet has developed steadily over the past decade or so, but it hasn’t been the […]

Amazing Thailand Video by Manuman

August 19, 2016 By Richard

Amazing Thailand Video by Manuman Amazing Thailand Video. A short postcard video of the Kingdom of Thailand. Travel through this amazing country and discover its beautiful landscapes and people. Walk through the streets of Bangkok, Ayutthaya temples, Chiang Mai mountains, and chill at Krabi and Koh Lipe’s beautiful beaches. Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a sprawling […]

Man saves tourists in Thailand

October 18, 2015 By Richard

Man saves tourists in Thailand sinking in mud   The incident Friday morning in Krabi province was caught on camera by an amateur photographer from Bangkok, who posted the video on his Facebook page. Man saves tourists in Thailand. A construction worker on a fishing trip dramatically rescued two Norwegian bird watchers who were sinking […]

Thailand Video Campaign

July 24, 2015 By Richard

Thailand Video campaign urges Thais to give up bad habits   1. Thais Tay (Thais Litter) Thai people dump their garbage in rivers, streets, and any places with the No Litter sign. BANGKOK: — From littering and materialism to inconsiderate driving, a series making fun of bad Thai habits urges people to end these brands […]