Koh Samet Island Thailand Ferry to Baan Phe

March 29, 2022 By Richard
Koh Samet Island Thailand

Koh Samet Island Thailand

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Koh Samet Island Thailand. The ferry ride from Koh Samet Island Thailand 🇹🇭 to the Baan Phe Pier. Named after the ‘Samet’ trees (Thai for cajeput trees), which grow on the island in abundance, Koh Samet offers all the essential elements that make up a fun-filled holiday escape – an endless expanse of turquoise blue sea, crescent bays with fine white sand, lots of water sports and a throbbing nightlife. Koh Samet Island Thailand has significantly less rainfall than other Thai destinations, but visitors get soaked anyway – in the sea. Only a three-hour drive from Bangkok and about 45 minutes by ferry from Ban Phe Pier on the mainland, the island is usually packed with visitors on weekends and long holidays. An entire range of accommodations, from beachfront bungalows to cliff-top luxury resorts cater to equally diverse groups of tourists. Walk-ins are not advised on weekends, as the entire island’s accommodation is usually fully booked.

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