Krabi province In The Southern Of Thailand

March 17, 2018 By Richard

Krabi province In The Southern Of Thailand

Author: George Bowen

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Krabi province In The Southern Of Thailand

Krabi is a Southern province (the states in American English) in Thailand facing the Andaman Sea. People lived here before Siam was Thailand. But the next town over was a part of Thailand. Stay with me. Now this governor basically annexed Krabi. Why? His town needed more elephants in order to expand.

When the monsoons come between May and November, it will get wet. Tough to take good photographs. Sunny one minute and dark the next.

There are islands everywhere. From the touristy Phi Phi Island where The Beachwas filmed to one island where there is no hotel. Only tents.

Sometimes crabby feels good…


Krabi province In The Southern Of Thailand.  A fresh water pool by a salt water ocean.


Krabi province In The Southern Of Thailand. Empty Beaches


Shish Kebabs


The 2004 Tsunami devastated parts of this area. Almost 5000 deaths. Friends of ours from England loved to go to the beach every chance they had. During a school break they headed to the beach and invited their son and his fiance to come over.  Only the fiance survived and the husband’s body was never found.


Always the Thai sun screen look.


Krabi province In The Southern Of Thailand. Cruisin on the bike…


Thai school girls on break.


The Emerald Pool is a natural swimming hole up in the mountains.


The Blue Pool. No Swimming.


The winds are picking up or The wind is picking up?


Playing with filters. There is so much to learn about photography.


Surfing, sorta…


Relaxing in the Evening.

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