Living Thailand March Festivals across Thailand

February 21, 2016 By Richard
Living Thailand March Festivals

Living Thailand March Festivals across Thailand

This comprehensive list of Thai Festivals is brought to us thanks to Josh Peatfield of Asia Backpackers – loads more great blogs on this link

While the month falls in the middle of two New Years, with the Chinese New Year falling in February and the Buddhist New Year ‘Songkran’ taking place in April, March still does not let up and there are a multitude of glorious festivals right across the country to immerse your-self within. Listed here are details on what we believe to be the best from around the magical Kingdom of Thailand


Thai Lue Cultural Festival (งานสืบสานตำนานไทลื้อ)


Tai Leu Festival 2016

When an ancient people have the opportunity to show case their heritage

When: Annually beginning of March

Where: Wat Phrathat Sop Waen, Amphoe Chiang Kham. Phayao Province Northern Thailand

A Fantastic festival to highlight this ancient peoples past and as they look to their future. The festival is awash with colour and song and includes a parade and various cultural demonstrations, including the dangerous game of ‘Diu bao. Along with demonstrations of traditional games there will be cotton spinning and dessert making demonstrations along with performances of Lue singing and dancing including the Choeng or martial art dance. Throughout the festival the Lue people will be dressed in traditional clothing.

For more on this festival and why an ancient game can be so dangerous click here

The Kam Fa Festival (ประเพณีกำฟ้า) (or Boon Kam Fa Festival)




When: Second & Third day of the waxing moon in the third lunar month

Where: Phai Lio Sub-district, Don Phut District. Saraburi Province Central Thailand

The festival has its origins from the once rich history of the Phuan People. This annual event is organised to seek a blessing from gods and spirits who protect the Phuan and who can bestow both good and bad luck. The traditionally two – three day event is held across both Thailand and Lao traditionally on second and third day of the waxing moon in the third lunar month.
The festival is a combination of merit making, parades and the chance for the Phuan to wear their traditional clothes, play their ancient games, sing and dance to long remembered songs and enjoy delicious food all wrapped in a carnival atmosphere.
For more on this event and why the sound of thunder is so important to these people see our post Kam Fa Festival



Chumphon Marine Festival

Chumphon Marine Festival

When: 18-22nd March 2016

Where: The Chumphon Estuary, Hat Sai Ri, Chumphon Province Southern Thailand


This year’s annual Chumphon Marine Festival is as always the opportunities for this wonderful province to show case its pristine natural beauty. During the 4 day event you can expect to find marine exhibitions and photography displays. With lots of beach fun and games including competitions in sand sculpture and fishing, there of course will be the normal scuba diving, snorkeling and boat tour packages, for those that just love to play about on and in crystal clear waters.

For more on the 4 days, what to do and see click here


Thao Suranari Memorial Fair

Thao Suranari Memorial Fair


When: Annually 23rd March – 3rd April 2016

Where: Around the Thao Suranari Monument between Chumphon and Ratchadamnoen Roads. Nakhon Ratchasima City-Nakhon Ratchasima Province

In Memory of one of Thailand’s Greatest Heroines: The festival (billed as the biggest in Isaan) is filled to the brim with local cultural performances in song, dance and music, with the unique Khorat songs such as Phleng Khorat, played in the evenings. The song is a dialogue duet, singing tradition that has developed into a folk spectacle by the people in Khorat and traditionally uses only hand clapping with no musical instrument to accompany the vocals.

For more on the event and details on the heroine of Korat and how she turned the tide on an invading army click here



Tha Uthen Pagoda Festival

 Tha Uthen Pagoda Festival

When: March (Dates to be confirmed)

Where: Tha Uthen district. Nakhon Phanom City. 734 km northeast of Bangkok and 378 km southwest of Hanoi, Vietnam on the Mekong River dividing Thailand and Laos

Where the lesser known ethnic people of Isaan get their chance to shine. Around the Chedi during the festivities will be a vibrant mass of colour and music from various native dancers from across this North Eastern province. Male and female dancers will perform their unique cultural dances accompanied by their equally unique musicians.

The area surrounding the dance performances will be alive with stalls and booths displaying the cultural heritage and way of life of people from the surrounding 12 districts (Amphoe), along with a multitude of shops and street vendors selling local hand crafts including ‘Mudmee’ clothes and musical instruments such as the Khaen, a local-style pan pipe. Intermingled with this dazzling sea of colour (it would not be Thailand if it were not) the whole area is also awash with the mouth-watering aromas from freshly cooked food and beverages.
See more on why offerings have to be made and what else has to be done for a particular dance to be performed, on why there are 8 Chedi representing the days of the week. How to get there and more


Songkhla International Balloon Festival

Songkhla International Balloon Festival

When: Annually in March (TBA)

Where: Jiranakom Stadium in Hat Yai district Southern Thailand

This wonderful  festival is held over 2 days and nights, with the day time sky filled with a mass of colourful and eye catching different shapes and sizes of hot air balloons, from all around the world. At night the balloons take on a life of their own as they fill the night time sky, accompanied by a thunderous combination of spectacular light and sound shows which pulls at your senses

Through-out the day there will also be a wide variety of events including music concerts, parades, marching bands and traditional music and dance shows, plus ‘Nang Talung’ shadow puppet shows and a traditional Thai fair including games and rides. Mingled in this mass of dazzling colour, strange and not so strange noises and aroma’s will be a mass of vendors selling traditional local handicrafts and most importantly a vast army of people selling both Thai food and beverages.

For more on the festival including directions, tips on how to save money, what local food to try click here


Trat Independence Day

Trat Independence Day

When: 23rd – 27th March every year

Where: Trat Provincial Town Hall Trat Province Southeast Thailand

When history comes alive with passion, gratitude and warmth from a grateful nation. During the event there will be a number historical plays performed, depicting the colourful history of the province, along with a traditional Thai Fare with folk games and rides. There are also sporting events and competitions, music performances and cultural stage performances.

The whole area will be alive with the sound of vendors selling all manner of local handcrafts and local produce and of course no festival would be complete without the aroma of freshly cooked mouth-watering Thai food sold from a mass of colourful food stalls. For more on the festival click here


Thao Thep Festival

Thao Thep Festival

When: 1-15 March 2016

Where: Various locations in the Thalang area, north of Phuket including Heroines’ Monument and Wat Pranangsang. Southern Thailand

A lavish spectacular to honour the two local sisters who gave their life for the people of Phuket. While the high-light of the festival is undoubtedly the Light and Sound Show with its huge historical performance, there are a multitude of cultural and sporting activities, through-out the two week festival. Plus a traditional Thai Fair with rides and games. In amongst all this fun and games there are also colourful processions from the Thalang District Office to Wat Muang Komarapat and a ceremony to pay homage to the two courageous sisters.

Sporting Events include: Mountain bike race along the historical route, a takraw tournament, (volleyball played with a rattan ball using the feet, knees, chest and head), a tug o’ war competition, sea boxing and a mini-marathon.

Cultural Events Include: Thai sword-dancing show, tradition dictates that this ceremonial dance be performed before combat, the sword dance involves dancers balancing several swords on different parts of their bodies and fighting off rivals. There is also a number of Nang Talung shadow puppet shows, or you could look in on a performance of traditional lullaby singing or traditional Thai dancers. The whole two weeks are filled with differing cultural events and shows including a genuine Thai boxing ‘wai khru’ ceremony.  If you are lucky you may also get a glance at the formal Buddhist Ordination ceremonies that are also taking place during the festival.

For more on what else is going on at the festival and more about the courageous sister’s click here


Sweet Grape and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Fair

 Sweet Grape and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Fair

When: March 2016 (Dates to be confirmed)

Where: Courtyard and waterside of Rat Charoen Tham Temple (Wat Sun) Damnoen Sub district Ratchaburi Province West/Central Thailand

A glorious mix of blazing colour, wet shirts and a Bloody Food Battle. Entwined in the 2 days of festivities will be a huge range of cultural and fun events from glorious displays of folk art and crafts featuring locally produced “Sin Tin Chok” cloth weaving, to Dragon jar making (Ratchaburi is known as “the city of earth jars”). There are also a multitude of cultural performances including song and dance by local tribal groups, including the Karen who live near the border of Myanmar, MonLawaLaoChinese and Khmer minorities.  But that’s not all there is also a hilarious “sea-boxing” competition and a number of formal and not so formal boating competitions, along with a beauty pageant.

For more on the event including the bloody food battle and how to get there incorporating a visit to the amazing umbrella pull down market click here


Chiang Mai International Balloon Festival

Chiang Mai International Balloon Festival

When: 4 & 5th March 2016

Where: Payap University. Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai

Visitor can look forward to another amazing event with balloons and pilots from all over the world. There will be lots going on with fun and games for all ages, along with International cultural shows and stalls featuring the local heritage and hand crafts plus food and beverages from the top hotels & restaurants in Chiang Mai. The annual Festival will for the first time feature the Lanna Orchestra performing original compositions by composer Ajarn Bringkop Vora-urai to the back drop of the spectacular ‘Night Glow Show’ which incorporates a light-and-sound show and finishes a spectacular fireworks display. The nights entertainment does not stop there as it is followed by entertainment from internationally famous artists performing live on stage.

A mass launch of balloons is scheduled each morning just as the sun greats the day at 06:00 – 07:00 and during the day guests can float to the sky in a tethered balloon rides, or watch the amazing displays of kite flying.


National Thai Elephant Day

National Thai Elephant Day

When: Annually since 1998 on the 13th March

Where: Across Thailand

If you have ever been to Thailand you will note the importance of this majestic animal to the people of this Kingdom, in both their daily lives and in the spiritual needs, images of elephants (Thai: Chang)are just about every-where.

Numerous events take place across the Kingdom on this day, in zoos and elephant parks you will find elephants being treating to huge banquets of their favorite food such as fruit and sugar cane. Before these buffets can commence and early in the mornings you will normally find Buddhist ceremonies being held to bring good luck to both these former beasts of burden and their handler (mahout – mahout derives from the Hindi words mahout) known in Thailand as a kwan-chang

For more on the Day, including the importance of elephants to both Buddhism and Hinduism and more click here


Wat Bang Phra Tattoo Festival

Wat Bang Phra Tattoo Festival sak-yant_Museum


Where: Wat Bang Phra in Nakhon Pathom Central Thailand

When: March 2016 (Dates TBA)

Where faith meets mayhem – A combination of tattoos faith and dreams. Thailand has its fair share of bizarre and equally colourful festivals from the national watery mayhem of Songkran to the wacky Monkey Festival of Lopburi and to the equally strange but colourful Ghost Festival of Loei Province, but this event may just take the crown as the countries wildest, it is on this date each year when thousands of Thai’s and tourists attend the special ‘Wai Kru’ ceremony honouring the late sacred tattoo master, Luang Pu Poen. It is also a time for those that already have Yantra tattooing, to have their tattoos re-consecrated by the temples monks.

To see more on the festival including directions, plus more on Yantra Tattoo’s and their importance to Thai people including the magic that they process and a word of warning on  getting stopped from entering Thailand click here.


Satun International Kite Festival 2016

Satun International Kite Festival 2016

When: Late February/Early March 2016
WhereSatun Air Base, Muang District. Satun Province Southern Thailand

This is the 36th annual kite festival with teams from over 30 countries expected, including 100 teams from Thailand participating in this colourful extravaganza, with competitions in eight different categories, including Beauty, Creativity, High Flying, Sound, Marathon, native Kites, Giant and Student’s Kites.

The event also boasts a number of kite demonstrations and exhibitions along with a Miss Satun beauty contest, cultural performances featuring the diversity of the region’s population and live music concert from famous singers every night.

For more on the festival, how to get there, facts on kite flying and on the ancient southern Buffalo kites click here


Laanta Lanta Festival

Laanta Lanta Festival

picture by Steve Smith

When: Annually for three days in March (TBA)
Where:  Koh Lanta Old Town, Krabi Province Southern Thailand

The old town of Lanta with its teakwood-lined streets and the nearby stilted restaurants that stand on the water’s edge provides the perfect back drop to one of the Kingdoms quaintest of festivals.

There are two separate stages used during the event, the main stage hosts numerous cultural displays including Performances of Rong-Ngen, the traditional music and dance of the ancient Sea Gypsies. While the second beachside stage features nightly live music including jazz and reggae performances, which all adds to the laid back atmosphere of the festivities.

The  water’s edge becomes a third stage where you can witness an ancient ritual that is the ‘Boat Floating Ceremony’ conducted by the Sea Gypsy (known as the Plajan or Loi Ruea Boat Floating Festival) to protect the festival, promote peace and to cast bad spirits out into the sea.

Of course this would not be Thailand if there were not a multitude of stalls and vendors selling a vast array of mouth-water food and drinks that encapsulates the best of the islands cultural mix.

For more on the festival including details on the Sea Gypsies click here


Pattaya International Music Festival


When: 18 – 20 March 2016

Where: Pattaya Central Thailand

This annual Music Festival is in its 13th year and is reportedly the biggest and longest running international beach music festivals in Thailand and potentially Asia. It takes up all of 3 kms Beach Road Pattaya, Chon Buri. This remarkable fun filled extravaganza attract a good number of famous Asian and Thai artists covering a range of various music genres including pop, rock, hip-hop and R’n’B. All the groups and solo artists perform live on stages up and down the beach and play in front of huge crowds.

For more information, contact the Pattaya Tourism office at +66 (0)38-253128, or TAT, Pattaya Branch, on +66(0)38-427667, +66(0)38-428750 or (local short code only) 1337.


Turtle Releasing Festival

Turtle Releasing Festival

When: 1 – 10 March 2016

Where: Phang-Nga Southern Thailand

This annual event is held in March. Although sea turtles have lived on this planet for 130 million years, the 7 global species of Marine Turtles are all in serious decline throughout most of their range. Habitat degradation, pollution, egg poaching and over-fishing threaten to make them extinct. The aim across the world is to spotlight the threats and encourage even greater public support for these extraordinary marine creatures. Quite frankly they need all the help they can get. Here in Thailand you can join others in release the baby turtles back to the sea after being raised by the Fisheries Department. Visitors can get close to the new born turtles as they take their first steps to their natural habitat the There a range of activities over the course of the event including a parade, exhibitions about aquamarine life and sea turtles,  local sport competitions, and stage performances featuring the ethnic diversity of the province.


Bun Phawet Fair

Bun Phawet Fair

When: 4 – 6 March 2016

Where: Roi Et Northeast Thailand

“Bun Phawet” or merit making of the 4th lunar month, is one of the oldest fairs in this part of Isaan, and is in reality a Buddhist event.  “Phawet” is the corrupted pronunciation of “Phra Wes” (Phra Wessandon), name of the last reincarnation of the Lord Buddha before his birth as Prince Siddhartha. The festival incorporates the 13 episodes that are to be completed within a day and each is accompanied by a separate procession.  The event also has its own special cuisine; Khanom Jin, (Thai vermicelli or khao poon) and steamed sticky rice (khao tom mut) which freely offered to both visitors and monks. If you are lucky you can also take part in the Pha Laeng Party (Isaan Gala Dinner) and everyone gets to join in with the evening’s wonderful light and sound presentation


Kalasin Pong Lang, Phrae Wa and Red Cross Fair

Kalasin Pong Lang, Phrae Wa and Red Cross Fair

Mo Lam singers

When: 26 February – 7 March (dates to be confirmed)

Where: Kalasin City Hall, Amphoe Mueang, Kalasin Province  North East Thailand

The festival is organized around a number of colourful parades, featuring floats from each district of the province, which in turn are decorated with a gigantic-sized “pong lang”, (a folk vertical xylophone), flowers and mystical animals. The parade is joined by people beautifully dressed in traditional clothes.

There are also cultural competitions, a beauty pageant. A Pong Lang bands’ contest, the pong lang  is a log xylophone, which has 12-15 wooden bars that are tied together with a length of rope, the instrument is generally played by two players, who each use two hardwood sticks. The lower pitch end is attached to a post or tree and other is hooked to the player’s toe. The two performers sit on either side, one playing the melody, the other playing drone accompaniment.

The music does not stop there it continues with live music and entertainment shows, North-Eastern style Mo Lam singers and the demonstrations and sales of local handicrafts and food products. Plus the Phrae Wa Silk exhibition

Contact: Kalasin province Tel. 0 4381 1695, 0 4381 1213


Flora Park Mist Festival

Flora Park Mist Festival

When: 1 November 2015 – 31 March 2016

Where: Wang Nam Khiawo District, Nakhon Ratchasima Northeast Thailand


Known as the Switzerland of Isaan the districts motto is ‘Cool climate town.’ At this time of year it is a mass of colour and in the early morning a sea of fog. The festival is held on an area of over 50 rai at Khao Phaeng Ma and you can expect to witness a carpet of blooms from more than 100,000 flowers of over 20 different species, along with the spectacular vertical garden. There will also be over 5,000 English roses of 400 species arranged beautifully across the landscape.


Phra Nakhon Khiri Festival – งานพระนครคีรี

Phra Nakhon Khiri Festival

When: Annually around the end of February

Where: Khao Wang and Around the City Limit of Phetchaburi Central Thailand

The event is also known as Khao Wang, taking its name from the hill the Kings palace was built upon, during the reign of King Rama IV. This annual event is in its 156th year and is about celebrating Phetchaburi’s long and colourful, cultural heritage. The event includes ceremonies to worship both the ancestral Kings and the city pillar/shrine.

Also during the normal 5 days of festivities you can witness parades featuring the procession of monarchs who ruled Phetchaburi during the Dvaravati and Srivijaya Periods, along with numerous exhibitions on Phetchaburi’s history, including many archaeological objects found within the province. This is all with the back drop of over 1200 temple trees that are normally in bloom during the event.

Running along-side this mass of cultural activities and natural colour will be; Cooking demonstrations of the province’s famous dishes and sweetmeats, a beauty contest, an ox chariot race plus all manner of contests and a traditional Thai fair ground.

To top it all off and running every night is a light and sound spectacular with lanterns and fireworks


Sweet Plum Mango and Nakhon Nayok Products Fair – งานวันมะปรางหวานและของดีนครนายก

Sweet Plum Mango and Nakhon Nayok Products Fair

When: Annually Feb – March

Where: In front of the City Hall. Nakhon Nayok Province. Central Thailand

The event is held to promote the locally grown agricultural products that thrive in this fertile region, along with a myriad of local handicrafts. This is the time of the year is when the Maprang (sweet plum mangoes) are ripe for harvesting, and they can be found on sale and display in all manner of succulent food and refreshing drinks.

The fair includes a parade of colourful floats, featuring the local agricultural products, along with numerous contests, exhibitions, cultural performances and each night there is live music

Maprang (มะปราง)  is a plum-like tropical fruit tree native to Southeast Asia The tree is related to the mango and is hence sometimes referred to as Plum Mango the young leaves of the tree can be eaten and are used in salads, the seed is also edible if a little bitter.


 Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony

Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony

When: 17th March

Where: Ayutthaya Historical Park 85 kms North of Bangkok

Ayutthaya will host a total of 800 Muay Thai fighters from 60 countries for this year’s 12th Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony, on March 17th, as part of the legendary ‘Nai Khanom Tom’ Day.

Muat Thai events are also held from March 15th – 20th at Wat Chula Mani, Wat Maha That and Wat Langkhakhao all situated in the Ayutthaya Historical Park as well as at the Ayutthaya Provincial Sports Stadium, there will be presentations and classes from various Muay Thai camps and gyms from across Thailand, demonstrating the finer points of this ancient art, including many different aspects of its long and colourful history. There will also be cultural displays in Yantra tattooing and Aranyik sword-making.

For more on what’s going on, how to get there and the legendary Nai Khanom Tom click here


Cha-am International Kite Festival

Cha-am International Kite Festival


When: Annually Normally late March (TBA)

Where: Naresuan Camp, Cha-am, Phetchaburi Province  Central Thailand

A colourful day and night time event with a more laid back feel than its bigger contemporaries in the North & South of the Kingdom. This annual festival gets better and better every year, with the residence of this once quiet fishing village adorning the streets with glorious and vibrant decorations. Now in its 12th year it again boasts a vast array of colourful kites in a multitude of colours shapes and sizes, with some as tall as a 4 storey building, while others take on the forms of animals and yet others are built in strange and wonderful shapes.

For more on this festival, how to get there and what else to see click here


Trang Food Festival (งานมหกรรมอาหารดี ศรีตรังบาน)

Trang Food Festival

When: Annualy 30 March – 3 April

Where: Somdech Phra Srinagarindra Park 95 (Khao Pae Choi). Trang. Southern Thailand

Southern Thai food is renowned for its spiciness. Much of the cuisine has its origins in Malay, Indonesian and Indian food. Favorite dishes from the south include Indian-style Muslim curry (massaman), rice noodles in fish curry sauce (Khanom Jeen),rice and vegetable mix with Voodo sauce (KhaoYam), pork fried with Dasheen and red tofu sauce (GoYuk) plus chicken birayani.

Trang also has a unique breakfast cuisine found nowhere else in Thailand Dim Sum, which can consist of; consists of; Ja Kuai (deep fried bread), Go pii and Pa Tong Ko (local sweet donut) all washed down with Go pii (black coffee served with sugar).

This annual festival is held to further promote dishes of Trang Province. Food stalls of Trang restaurants offer dishes at discounted prices. Additional activities are an eating championship and cultural performances.


Bang Khla Food and Fruit Fair

Bang Khla Food and Fruit FairWhen: 23 – 27 March 2016

Where: Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao. Central Thailand

TAT states:  Farmers and growers in Chacheongsao will host their annual Mango Festival, where the delicious fruit and other produce will be on sale and display. The local TAT office will be helping to promote agro-tourism in the area by providing information on where visitors can visit mango orchards, fish, deer, and ostrich farms. Visitors can also take boat rides along the Bangprakong River to see various historical and natural sites.





Elephant Satoke Fair


When: 13 March 2016

Where: Lampang Elephant Conservation Centre, Lampang Province. Northern Thailand

This annual fair is held on National Thai Elephant Day to raise funds for the care and upkeep of Thailand’s favorite animal, the Elephant Fair has been organized by the Thai Elephants Conservation Centre every year since 1996. The Satoke banquet will feature a khantoke Northern-style meal in an exotic setting, with elephant shows and even concerts performed by the talented pachyderms. Other activities include the Satoke parade, the feeding of the elephants, cultural performances and folk music. Every ticket purchased comes with a coupon you redeem for bananas which you can feed to your favorite elephants

For more details, contact the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre at (054) 229 042.

For more on the National Thai Elephant Day, including the importance of elephants to both Buddhism and Hinduism and more click here


 Dok Lam Duan Flower & Four Tribes Festival

Dok Lam Duan Flower & Four Tribes Festival

When: 11 – 13 March 2016

Where: Princess Mother Memorial Park Si Sa Ket Eastern Thailand

This annual event (also simply known as the Dok Lamduan Festival งานเทศกาลดอกลำดวน), is two festivals for the price of one and contains cultural performances by four local ethnic groups, surrounded by a forest of lumduan (White Cheesewood) trees in full bloom. These intriguing cream-coloured and fragrant flowers are only found in this one province in the kingdom and only bloom in March

The cultural performances depict the culture and way of life of the local ethnic Lao, Khmer, Kui or Suay, and Yoe (pronounced Yer) tribal peoples in reenactments of Sisaket’s history. There is also a photo exhibition, drawings by local artists, a drawing contest and a great variety of engaging live demonstrations, and sales of local village products. Plus this is your chance to try true Isaan food such as som tam (papaya salad), kai yang (grilled chicken) and khaoniaow (sticky rice) plus a host of other local delicacies served in the food plaza


Prap Ho Monument Fair & Anou Savari Festival


When: 5 March 2016

Where: Ban Mo, Si Chiang Mai, Nong Khai

Prap Ho Monument Fair is held annually in March, at the Prap Ho Monument and incorporates the Anou Savari Festival.

The Anou Savari Festival is a special event held only in Nong Khai, from the 5th to the 15th of March. The event commemorates the defeat of the “Hau”, the ‘Punti’ speaking people of Yunnan Province southwest China who had rebelled against their own government and who swept into Thailand during the years 1884 – 1886 (Around the time of the opening of hostilities of the Sino-French War), these forces at one stage raided as far south as Korat. (Nakhon Ratchasima) They were eventually defeated by the Thai leader HRH Kromamune Prachak Silpakom and his Siamese army with the help of Lao, Chinese, Puan and a number of British fighters.

Located in front of the old city hall, the Prap Ho monument is a memorial to those who fell during the insurgency and contains their cremated bones. There are inscriptions in Thai, English, Chinese and Laotian on each side of the monument.

The fair has a number of stages to host numerous shows of the local culture, and musicians. While the noise maybe deafening, the fun is infectious, with games and competitions including the very quick and acrobatic Takraw, a kind of volleyball using the feet and a smallish rattan ball, along with a mass of stalls and booths selling all manner of food, drinks and local handicrafts


ASEAN Barred Ground Dove Festival

ASEAN Barred Ground Dove Festival Picture from http

Picture from http

When: 5 – 6 March 2016

Where: Khwan Mueang Park, Mueang District, Yala

Also known as the ASEAN Java Songbird Contest (งานมหกรรมแข่งขันนกเขาชวาเสียงอาเซียน), this annual event, now in its 36th year, is normally held on the first weekend of March. It is widely believed that Java Songbirds are good-luck charms that bring good luck to their owners, especially if the birds possess certain characteristics.

In this event, participating Javanese doves compete to make the sweetest and most melodious cooing sounds. The doves are judged by their melody; the loudness of their cooing, and the pitch. For a dove to be prized, its cooing must be resonant and rhythmic, and it must be able to sing for a relatively long time. Good cooing doves can command a high price in the market. There are other contests to find the most beautiful cage and demonstrations of cage-making, displaying the local wisdom of Yala.


 Sukhothai Historical Park Mini Light & Sound Show

Mini Light & Sound Show


For the past few years the Sukhothai Historical Park, former capital of Siam, presents a monthly free light & sound show.
Dates for 2016 have been announced.

The title ‘Mini Light Show’ does not do this event justice as while it cannot compete against the major shows staged at the same venue for Loy Krathong Festival in November, they are still a wonderful presentation of the former capitals glorious past.


Bangkok Red Cross Fair

Bangkok Red Cross Fair

When: Possibly 28th March – 4th April Normal hours are  14:00-23:00 (weekdays), 10:00-23:00 (weekends)

Where: Bangkok: The venue of the fair covers the areas and roads around the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn, Miksakawan intersection and Benjamabopit Temple.


The fair takes place every year to raise funds for the Thai Red Cross society. The fair is really in two distinct parts with one section dealing with the important things the Red Cross do for local communities and the other section of the event contains the fun bit, with a colourful and riotous traditional Thai Fair with its own big wheel and rides for all ages, along with a host of other fairground attractions. It is also here where you will find a mass of stalls selling delicious food and drink from all over the Kingdom

See more on what makes this fair so important to the people of Bankok