Nuan beach Koh Larn travel Thailand

January 27, 2016 By Richard
Nuan beach Koh Larn travel Thailand

Nuan beach Koh Larn travel Thailand


NUAN BEACH Discover Thailand.

This beach has various name. Nual beach Thai pronounce Nuan and it’s also known as Monkey beach.

Nuan beach Koh Larn travel Thailand. We visited Koh Larn Island last week for a five day getaway and for some sun sand and sea.

We took the ferry from Bali Hai pier in Pattaya directly to Koh Larn Island at a cost of 50 Baht. The sea was flat so it was a pleasant journey and took around 30 minutes.

It was good to see that the boat crew were counting on the passengers, so as to not overload the boat and they were also issuing live jackets to the passengers. We arrived at the pier and were disembarked in an orderly fashion, so we then made our way to the hotel to check in. I booked the room online at a reasonable price of 1000 Baht per night for a second floor sea view room. The prices seem to be anything from 800 baht upwards depending on personal requirements.

We rented a motorcycle from the hotel at which we were staying for a cost of 200 Baht a day and this seems to be the going rate around the Island. Be aware that there were no crash helmets issued with the bike rental and in fact i did not see anyone wearing a helmet in the whole 5 days, so if you hire a bike make sure that you drive slowly and carefully.

Our first port of call was Nual beach which is quieter than some of the other larger beaches, so seemed to be a good choice. There are 7 beaches to choose from depending on personal requirements. We like the smaller quieter beaches with minimal water sport activity, due to the noise. We ordered Thai food and the was reasonably priced from 150 Baht per meal upwards and was of decent quality.

Discover Thailand. Nuan Beach is situated in the south of Koh Larn with a 250 metre waterfront under private ownership. The beach features beautiful coral reefs for snorkeling as well as the usual array of other facilities such as massage and jet-skiing.

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