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February 13, 2016 By Richard
Burapa bike week

Pattaya bike week Travel Thailand


Pattaya bike week. Location. Pattaya Sports Arena, Pattaya Soi Chaiyapruek 2

Pattaya bike week Pattaya Thailand. Pattaya Bike Week is a huge event that brings bikers together all across Thailand for various activities and shows. It is held every year in Pattaya around mid-February and it raises large amounts of money for charity each year. It is a time for local and tourist bikers to come together and showcase their bikes. Bike Week is filled with music and food with a warm concert festival atmosphere. It can get busy, loud, exciting, electric and of course a fun event.

Yesterday the 12th February we attended the Burapa Bike Week Pattaya Thailand. We were not too sure what to expect from the event other that seeing large amounts of Motorcycles, so we arrived at the venue early at around 3pm. The admission was free and the car parking easy at this time of the day, but I am told that its gets very busy later in the day and there are long queues into the car park, so go early.

We entered the show ground and were greeted with endless rows of tents and canopies selling just about everything that you would need as a biker even bikes. jackets, T shirts, jeans, boots helmets and many other items at what seemed to be reasonable prices. As this is Thailand there were also many food stalls and the aroma of cooking filled the air. The food was being sold at normal prices and a large can of Chang classic came in at a very reasonable 60 Baht.

We spent a few hours looking around and taking pics of the fantastic array of bikes of all makes shapes and sizes. There were an incredible number of different bike clubs from in and around Thailand and each had their own area in the ground where they could meet up and chat and generally have a good time.

The first live band came on stage at around 5.30 pm and the event really kicked off from there on. Bands play on through the night into the early hours of the morning and of course the drinks flow. Given the fact that there are Motorcycle clubs attending, like the Hells Angels and the Nomads this is a fun event and everyone was enjoying themselves in a carnival atmosphere. It was quite amazing to see a 7 year old girl playing the guitar and singing ‘Smoke on the water’ whist being backed by a full on rock band. There are many other activities through the day too, Indians and Cowboys horse riding show, Hot air balloons, Microlite flying and you can even get a tattoo.

We left at around 8 pm , but the music played on into the night. All in all we had a great day and would recommend that you put this event in your diary for next year. Same time same place.

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