Rainy Season in Thailand The Rain Comes Quickly

September 3, 2017 By Richard
Rainy Season

Rainy Season in Thailand

Author: George Bowman

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Rainy Season. Thailand’s rainy season depends on the monsoons and is similar to the snow in Colorado. It is going to come but exactly when, how much and how long no one really knows. The rain can start in May and go until October. Sometimes a sprinkle in the afternoon or a downpour for days.

Our land borders the Nan River which rises and falls considerably during the rainy season. It rained on my parade a few years back when the fishing dock was destroyed.

Just about gave up on my rain gauge. Lately, the damn thing will fill up in an afternoon…

These photos show the water cycle doing what it has done for centuries…


A light Rain.


The daily afternoon look.


The Teak House


Looking towards the Nan River.


The dark clouds show that the Rain is coming.


This Outdoor dining ensemble should not rust nor deteriorate.


This time of year the Rain Gauge often stays full.


The Rain come come quickly! Within 1 minute, it went from drops to this downpour. So fast that the Smoker lid is still open and the BBQ Grill is not covered.


Most importantly, the BBQ Grill is covered.

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