Thai Food Chicken 5-Star Roasted Chicken franchise

August 20, 2017 By Richard
Thai Food Chicken

Thai Food Chicken 5-Star Chicken franchise

Author: George Bowman

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Thai Food Chicken. Recently while entering the Tesco-Lotus express in this small rural town in Thailand, someone yelled out George which is not unusual as I am the only Western guy around these parts. Actually most of the time I am called ‘farang’ which means foreigner in Thai. I answer to either name. When I looked in the direction of who called my name, at first I did not recognize the guy. That soon changed. Here is his story.

Somchai had been a personal driver for students attending the international school in which I had worked and that is how he knew my name. One of my responsibilities at school was to try and convince the BMW moms to kiss and go in the morning as they dropped off their children at school. Somchai’s job was to pick up and deliver other people’s kids, wait all day in the school’s garage and then take the students back home. In the evenings he worked part-time as a taxi driver. Neither jobs paid much. He made about B15,000 or $450 per month. And the hours were long. Somchai wanted to be his own boss.

He and his wife decided they would buy a 5-Star Chicken franchise to live and work in their home town. But saving money was tough with two children, a wife and an ailing mother-in-law. It took Somchai almost three years to save B25,000 or $750 needed to go into business to sell chickens and sausages.

Today, life is not easy for Somchai and his family, but it is better. He now takes and picks up his own children from school every day.

Finally, Somchai said “Have your friends stop by and try my chicken.”


Thai Food Chicken. Thumbs Up!


Thai Food Chicken. Don’t care for the sausages.


Thai Food Chicken. Beginning the Roast


Thai Food Chicken. Golden Brown


Thai Food Chicken. The chicken neck is still for sale.


Thai Food Chicken. Stocking up on Supplies

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