Thai visa run crackdown: Latest update

September 16, 2015 By Richard

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Thai visa run crackdown: Latest update

– No Out/In for any nationality along Thai/Cambodian border
– Phu Nam Ron, Kanchanaburi refusing to stamp anyone EVEN people with valid visas
– ‘Business as usual’ at Thai-Laos border

BANGKOK: — Thaivisa understands that as of yesterday evening (Sept 15th) Immigration officials at checkpoints along the Thai/Cambodian border at Ban Laem/Daun Lem, Ban Pakard/Phsa Prum and Aranyaprathet/Poipet were refusing all nationalities trying to complete Out/In border hops on visa exempt entries.

However, people with valid tourist visas, multiple non-o etc were being allowed to complete an Out/In.

Thaivisa also understands that in some instances, Immigration officials were asking tourists to provide valid travel itineraries for their stay in Thailand.

The situation along the Thai/Laos border has been described as ‘business as usual’ by the owner of a visa run company operating in that area, and Thaivisa is yet to receive any reports of problems from those wishing to enter Laos in order to complete an Out/In border hop.

Regarding the Phu Nam Ron/Htee Khee check point along the Thai/Myanmar border in Kanchanaburi, it seems officials there are implementing the new rules much more strictly than their colleagues along the Thai/Cambodian border.

Yesterday Thaivisa received reports from members who had visited Phu Nam Rom in Kanchanaburi, where Immigration officials had refused to stamp their passports, despite them being in possession of a valid tourist visa.

Thaivisa has spoken to a tour company based in Kanchanaburi who provide a border hop service to the Phu Nam Rom checkpoint. The owner of the company also confirmed that no stamps are being issued currently at Phu Nam Ron, and is therefore best avoided at this moment in time.

AEC News reports that Police Lieutenant-General Sakda Choenpakdee is scheduled to visit Thailand-Cambodia border crossing today (Sept 16) so there may be further updates on the situation later today.