Thailand Blogs The Art of Blogging

September 11, 2016 By Richard
Thailand Blogs The Art of Blogging

Thailand Blogs The Art of Blogging

Author: Pen Drageon

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Thailand Blogs


Thailand Blogs. Many people think that blogging is a difficult process involving writing skills and IT knowledge which then turns out to be a deterrent to aspiring bloggers and may seem a daunting task. However, if you have travelled, you can blog.

Blogging is all about telling a story of your travel experiences in your own words. The format of language need not be classroom textbook writing rather a simple format is the most effective. It can be the way you speak but in written text form or with a more complex storytelling format. Most bloggers write from first person experiences which mean they write it the way they tell it in person, and unless you are professionally writing for commercial purposes or for print, it is an acceptable format.

Once you have put your mind to try blogging, these are the first few simple steps to getting started. The blogging process is a two part starting point but it gets easier as you blog more often and the startup is only a one time process. The first part is deciding what you want to blog about. There are no fast and hard rules to blogging so just be as creative and unique as you would like to be. The second part is creating a blog site which is not difficult and you can follow the steps to creating one later.

Thailand Blogs

Thailand Blogs

Thailand Blogs. The Art of Blogging Part 1 – Deciding to blog

Once you have decided to blog, these are the few points to put into consideration:

  1. What do you want to blog about – this can be about travel, food, products or even hobbies you like. However as I am a travel blogger, we shall focus more about travel blogging.
  2. Travel blogging can mean talking about a place and how it made you feel when you visited, about the food you tried, hotels you have stayed in or even activities you want people to know about
  3. Relating your stories to pictures you have taken during your trip. Interesting blogs have interesting pictures of the places, food or activities that you have experienced. Make sure your pictures are clear, shows the subject matter in focus and has interesting views. They need not be perfect professional pictures and nowadays even the hand phones are powerful enough to produce good pictures. DO NOT COPY pictures from other people or sites unless YOU CREDIT THE OWNERS BACK. So make sure all pictures are preferably your originals
  4. Decide on a suitable topic for your blog (Not he blog site yet). The topic has to match your pictures and text so take a little time to be as creative but keep your topic short to no more than 10 words if possible. An example is you are writing about a temple in Bangkok, then you can pick one thing that made your trip so memorable to the temple such as maybe the enormous statues of the temple. You can then create a topic which sounds like this ‘The Giants of Wat Arun’. The more interesting your topic, the more likely people will want to read it
  5. Arranging your pictures in the order that you want to tell your story. This could be in chronological order or step-by-step as you explore the place. Mostly people will do this from the front entrance to the interior. When you plot your pictures this way, it provides a flow to your storytelling as you take your reader on a tour of the place according to what you have seen.
  6. Once you have your pictures sorted out, you can transfer a copy to the Microsoft Word document (this is a good way for new bloggers to start as there are spell and grammar check tools you can use in the application that helps with your writing. I normally recommend this for beginners until they get a hang of writing which they then can create draft copies directly in the blog site).

Once you have these 6 points done, you are ready to start writing! So if you would like to try your hand at blogging, start by sorting out your pictures. Choose a few that best describe a topic you are passionate about. Follow the steps and you are ready for the next lesson on The Art of Blogging!

By Pen Drageon

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