Thailand taxi driver returns passengers iphone

November 24, 2015 By Richard


Kind thailand taxi drives two hours from Pattaya to Bangkok to return passenger’s iPhone

Thailand taxi


Thailand taxi. While we’re all familiar with the bad behavior of Bangkok taxi drivers, here’s a feel-good story to show us that not all cabbies are awful human beings.

A Pattaya taxi driver made a Scottish man’s birthday even more special when he drove two hours to his hotel in Bangkok to return his forgotten iPhone.

Our reader Fraser Morton thought he was never going to get his iPhone back when he left it in a taxi on Nov. 14, but the former Bangkok resident received a surprising gift of kindness on his birthday four days later when the driver, Isrin, showed up at his hotel.

“On my birthday on Wednesday just before midnight, he showed up at my hotel to return my phone. He’s a badass good guy,” Fraser told Coconuts today.

After Fraser realized he had lost his phone, he got the cab’s license plate from the hotel’s CCTV and the hotel contacted the driver’s taxi company.

Fraser said Isrin lives in Pattaya but works in Bangkok. The cabbie didn’t have to go through so much trouble and could have kept the phone, but he returned it out of honesty.

“I thanked him repeatedly for about 10 minutes when he turned up at the hotel. I asked him if he wanted a beer, but he was driving so he declined,” Fraser said.

Isrin received a THB2,000 reward for his kindness.