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September 21, 2020 By Richard

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Baan Amphur Beach. Although it is situated in Sattahip district, Baan Amphur Beach is only 14 kilometers south of Central Pattaya, beyond Ocean Marine Yacht, a series of breakwaters and a small river estuary is the 800 meter stretch of beach known as Ban Amphur Beach.

Baan Amphur is a fairly wide beach bordered by a breakwater / jetty on it’s northern edge and rocky headland to the south, some areas of the beach shoreline are quite steep but quickly level and the water is not too deep despite the deceptive appearance, it’s an ideal beach for paddling.

There is an assortment of loungers and deck chairs for hire on Baan Amphur Beach, the main deck chair area is set back a little from the shoreline and makes it difficult to watch the children in the sea.

The seating arrangement (see photo above) is more spacious than you come to expect on Pattaya Beach or Jomtien Beach, most tables have 2 deck chairs and 2 rigid plastic chairs which is a good arrangement if you are not a deck chair fan. Like most of the beaches around Pattaya, food and drink can be ordered from the vendors running the deckchair pitch.

A well maintained tarmac path runs the length of the beach, there is a sprinkling of palm trees lining the path but they are not yet mature enough to provide any real shade from the sun. I would say the only drawback this beach has is a lack of trees, if there was more trees to provide shelter this beach would be just about perfect.

Both the beach and the sea at Ban Amphur are surprisingly clean, making this a good alternative to the better known beaches in Pattaya. Weekdays are quiet at Ban Amphur Beach but you can expect that to change on the weekends.

Adjacent to the parking area at Baan Amphur Beach is a children’s playground very similar to the one at Lan Pho Park in Naklua, there is a fantastic selection of swings, slides, seesaws and climbing frames and some novelty exercise machines.

What’s good about Baan Amphur Beach ?.

  • The beach and the sea are both relatively clean.
  • Fantastic playground for the children.
  • Large parking area.
  • At least one seafood restaurant.
  • Food and drink available.
  • Better seating arrangement than most of the beaches in Pattaya.

Getting to Baan Amphur Beach.

Ban Amphur Beach is only a 20 minute drive from Pattaya, the most direct route is to take Na Jomtien Soi 32 off the Sukhumvit highway, use this google map of Ban Amphur Beach to find your own directions.

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