Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts In Thailand All The Way From Brazil

March 22, 2018 By Richard

Cashew Nuts In Thailand All The Way From Brazil. THIS IS JUST NUTS!

Author: George Bowman

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Cashew Nuts. Cashews arrived in Thailand in 1901 by the way of Brazil. Today in the North-Eastern part of Thailand there are many Cashew nut farms scattered throughout. The biggest farm is about 90,000 acres. We did not visit that one, instead we stopped by a Mom & Pop operation.

First, the workers roast the nuts for a few minutes and then set them aside to dry and cool. Typically the ladies will then do the shelling which can be a problem as the nuts often release an acid that will burn. That is one reason the workers are covered from head to toe.

Bags of nuts are then sold to the local market or shipped to Bangkok. A small package and a Mountain Dew from 7-11 costs about a buck and a nickel.

That’s it in a nutshell…

And here we go.

Ladies getting to the meat of the issue. Notice the green powder on one of the workers. Used for cooling.

Placing the nuts on the fire.


Cashew nuts are dumped where it will take several hours before they are cool enough to shell.

It does get warm.

The Cashew Store

Looking out back from the Cashew shop.

This is how the workers use to roast the Cashew nuts. But gas was too expensive so they went back to the old way.

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