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Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand

March 3, 2016 By Richard

Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand. What do you think? Is alcohol too cheap in Thailand. Activists are demanding a tax increase on alcohol sales in Thailand, in order to discourage new drinkers and reduce medical costs for alcohol-related maladies. The call comes from the Centre for Alcohol Studies, reports the Bangkok Post, who want to mimic […]

Pattaya bike week Travel Thailand

February 13, 2016 By Richard

Pattaya bike week Travel Thailand   Pattaya bike week. Location. Pattaya Sports Arena, Pattaya Soi Chaiyapruek 2 Pattaya bike week Pattaya Thailand. Pattaya Bike Week is a huge event that brings bikers together all across Thailand for various activities and shows. It is held every year in Pattaya around mid-February and it raises large amounts of […]

Applying for a Thai driving license

February 6, 2016 By Richard

Applying for a Thai driving license in Pattaya Explore and discover Thailand   Applying for a Thai driving license My 5 year Thai driving license expired 2 years and 2 months ago, basically because I forgot to renew it. Under intense pressure from my wife I decided to bit the bullet and apply for a […]

Tien Beach Koh Larn Pattaya Discover Thailand

February 1, 2016 By Richard

Tien beach Koh Larn Pattaya Discover Thailand Koh Larn (or Lan or Larn, or Coral Island) is 7.5 km west of Pattaya. It covers an area of 5.6 sq. km and has six popular beaches with a decidedly “touristy day-trip” flavour. This is my second favourite beach on the Island reasonably quiet with a clean beach and […]

Koh Larn Island Pattaya Discover Thailand

January 29, 2016 By Richard

Koh Larn Island Pattaya Discover Thailand Koh Larn Island Pattaya Travel Thailand During our recent visit to Koh Larn Island Pattaya I took some photographs from the viewpoint across the bay towards Pattaya. The beach below is called Tawaen beach and is the most popular on the island. Koh Larn Island Pattaya. Ko Larn (Thai: เกาะล้าน, pronounced [kɔ̀ʔ láːn]) is one of the eastern […]

Pattaya KFC girl feeds disabled man

December 29, 2015 By Richard

Pattaya KFC girl feeds disabled man at her restaurant in Central Pattaya last week.   Pattaya KFC girl feeds disabled man. On Monday we met the KFC Worker who was photographed helping a disabled foreigner to eat at her restaurant in Central Pattaya last week. The picture of her assisting the foreign man went viral on […]

Jomtien beach road Pattaya

November 28, 2015 By Richard

Jomtien beach road   Jomtien is immediately south of Pattaya and, practically speaking, they form one municipality. Jomtien, like Pattaya, is popular with tourists, but has a significant population of permanent expats and some workers, making for a more sedate bar and nightlife scene. As with most Thai place and street names written using Latin […]

Thailand taxi driver returns passengers iphone

November 24, 2015 By Richard

  Kind thailand taxi drives two hours from Pattaya to Bangkok to return passenger’s iPhone   Thailand taxi. While we’re all familiar with the bad behavior of Bangkok taxi drivers, here’s a feel-good story to show us that not all cabbies are awful human beings. A Pattaya taxi driver made a Scottish man’s birthday even […]

Baan Amphur Pattaya Thailand

October 20, 2015 By Richard

Baan Amphur Pattaya Thailand   Baan Amphur Pattaya Thailand. Pattaya (พัทยา) is a seaside resort on the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand, about 150 km southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya is mostly famous for its go-go and beer bars, but local authorities have made some efforts to provide more family-friendly attractions and activities. Although the sex […]

Buddha Hill Pattaya

October 17, 2015 By Richard

Buddha Hill Pattaya Thailand Buddha Hill, also known as Pattaya Hill, and the Big Buddha overlook Pattaya. Big Buddha Hill is dominated by a massive big Buddha painted in gold and as high as a three story house some 300 feet above Jomtien and Pattaya’s coastline alike. Originally the Buddha was white but later it […]

Rimpa Lapin Pattaya Thailand

September 27, 2015 By Richard

Rimpa Lapin Pattaya Thailand Information for the Rimpa Lapin Pattaya Thailand The Rimpa Lapin Pattaya Thailand is one of famous restaurant in the Pattaya area. Its reputation comes from the terrific views of the bay overlooking Baan Amphur beach and Jomtien, offered as the restaurant is located on a cliffside, which it is quite difficult to […]

Pattaya Thailand disaster zone

September 18, 2015 By Richard

Pattaya Thailand declared disaster zone Rescue workers use an inflatable boat to bring schoolchildren home from their flooded school in Rayong province Encroachments prevent canals and channels from draining away water PATTAYA Thailand: — THE severe flooding that has inundated Pattaya and much of Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district in the wake of tropical storm […]