Emerald Pool

The Emerald pool Krabi Thailand

May 30, 2015 By Richard


The Emerald pool Krabi


Thailand is easily one of the most widely visited Asian countries. Renowned for its excellent shopping opportunities, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife, Thailand has everything one would want in a vacation spot. While places such as Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Phuket receive a lot of tourist traffic, Thailand has a lot more to offer. The often overlooked Krabi Province has been blessed with a series of amazing beaches and numerous natural attractions. The Emerald Pool is one such attraction.

Sra Morokot, which means ‘Emerald Pool’, is a large green lake located in Krabi Town. The pool is open throughout the year, although it can get pretty crowded during the peak tourist season, and one need only pay a small fee to swim in its deep, clear turquoise waters. The colouration of the water changes slightly with the weather conditions and the time of day, so those determined to witness the deep emerald shade that Sra Morokot is famous for should plan on arriving by dawn. The pool is just over two hundred metres wide and about one hundred metres long, with a maximum depth of about three metres.

The pool is situated in the Krabi District’s Klong Thom District. It is quite easy to find as there are plenty of signboards near the area announcing its presence. There are two trails leading to the pool and both are quite scenic. While the waters are extremely clear and plenty of fun to swim in, they are not potable due to extremely high calcium carbonate levels. The compound can also be found as white deposits around the pool, especially during summer. The colour of the water is caused by a combination of algae and bacteria. Visitors are advised not to use chemicals such as soap and shampoo at the Emerald Pool as they can destroy the algae. Tourists in Krabi should definitely try to visit this place.

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