Explore and discover Thailand

Explore and discover Thailand

March 1, 2016 By Richard

I will never go back to Thailand. Explore and discover Thailand

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Explore and discover Thailand

Why still go to Thailand?

I will never go back to Thailand. Explore and discover Thailand. A question I hear asked on a regular bases is why do people still go to Thailand? With all the bad press it has earned in the last few years why do so many people still go there and more over why do more and more people return?

It can’t just be the mouth watering food and drinks, surely you simply have to go to any or all of its neighbouring countries of Malaysia, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos to try the same delicious choices and it’s not really that far to visit the countries of China and India who influenced its earliest culinary delights.



  kevin Hellon



The same can be said for its stunning scenery, from its untamed and in the main unspoilt coast line to its at times wild interior, as all of its neighbors share the same landscape don’t they?  Surely it’s not down to its diverse culture, with its thousands of temples, shrines and sacred places, surely all these other countries can boast the same?

Explore and discover Thailand

Wat Chalermprakiat Prachomklao Rachanusorn Northern Thailand




Tham Lod Cave (Spirit Cave) Mae Hong Son province, North WestThailand



 John Spies / Barcroft Media

Sam Phan Bok, Ubon Ratchathani Northeast Thailand 


 Wut Bot

Khao Sok National Park Southern Thailand Travel Thailand



Phi Phi Islands Southern Thailand. Travel Thailand



Maybe it’s simply the warm welcome you get from the people of the magical land, or could it be the mass of festivals that are everywhere and at times will assault all of your senses all at once?


Hill Tribes Northern Thailand


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Floating Markets



Phi Ta Khon Festival Northeast Thailand 


NaS NaSNas

Wat Rong Khun Northern Thailand 

 Lesley Lynn


It is probably a combination of all these things that makes so many of us return to its shores, as it is only here in the Kingdom of Thailand that you find all of these traits wrapped up in the boarders of one fun filled country.


Tha Annual Festival of Songkran





Ayuthaya Central Thailand




These are my picks of why I cannot stay away to long, and for me why it is still the ‘Land of Smiles’

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Explore and discover Thailand