Krabi province

Krabi Province of Southern Thailand You Smell Like A Fish

September 15, 2017 By Richard

Krabi Province of Southern Thailand You Smell Like A Fish

Author: George Bowman

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Krabi Province of Southern Thailand. Remember the movie, The Beach? It was filmed in the Krabi Province of Southern Thailand. Along one of the seashores in this province, workers are busy sorting and packing the catch that was caught way before sunrise.

Once evening is near they head out in their boats to the fishing spot.  Put a light out to attract the fish and hope the Calamari end up in the net. Once they have their fill, back to shore and dump the haul in black plastic pools. From there the fish are sorted, iced, salted down and packed. Wait for the delivery truck, then eat, sleep and wait for the next wave.

Squids have good noses for sniffing out water quality, and can swim at about 23MPH to cleaner areas. That is why the fishermen have to go farther and farther off shore to catch Squid. The workers make a living and that is about it. A good month is $500.

Grilled Squid smells fantastic but to rubbery for my tastes…

Sorting the catch.

Packing with salt.

The night’s catch is first dumped into a makeshift portable tank.

The white/yellowish powder is used to cool the face.

And up on shore.

After the Thailand Tsunami in 2004 these signs were put up.

Preparing for another night of fishing.

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