Maesa Valley elephant park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

June 8, 2015 By Richard

Maesa Valley elephant park

The Mae Sa valley located just 30 km north of Chiang Mai city is becoming a popular tourist destination with many attractions. The Mae Sa valley elephant camp is the largest in the North and is a must to visit. See also a beautiful orchid plantation, in a comfortable vehicle and guided by an experienced tour guide.

Their philosophy is to create a natural and healthy environment for the elephants while working to conserve and breed them, due to the dwindling number of Asian elephants left in the wild. You will see the elephants show where the elephants demonstrate their skills. Strength to pull and haul logs, agility to play football and even paint skillfully with a brush. You can have also the chance to observe the elephants bathing and the baby elephants at their nursery.
The camp is set in beautiful forest setting with a small stream and waterfall.

Here you can see these gentle giants up close. The entertaining shows are included in the entry fee and it is definitely worth seeing. Football-kicking and painting are favourite acts among the elephants, while the exhibition hall features displays of rare stories and photos of newborn elephants. There is also a collection of hunting equipment and weapons used in past elephant hunts.