Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand

Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand Ain’t That Ronald Over There?

August 26, 2017 By Richard

Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand Ain’t That Ronald?

Author: George Bowman

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Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand

Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand. The first Golden Arch restaurant in Thailand was opened in 1985. And to fill the Big Mac urge back in 1999, I had to go to the upscale Malls in Bangkok. Now it seems there are Mickey D’s everywhere. But, there ain’t any out in the country where I live, which is probably a good thing. ‘McDo’ will even deliver by ‘motorcye’ 24 hours a day. Just call 1711.

Going to Ronald’s Restaurant in Thailand ain’t like eating at one back in the states. Here they also serve Thai food with a slant. There is the Spicy Namtok Karobuta Burger, Spicy McWings and the Spicy Chicken Teriyaki with Rice. Plus a bunch more.

Besides the different choices a person should understand the use of the line to the counter to place an order. There ain’t one.

A Big Mac with fries and a drink costs Baht177 or $5 in Bangkok. The same Big Mac in Missoura sells for $5.99 or Baht199. Since it ain’t cheap to eat here, many people think it is cool to hang out at McDonalds. Groups of teenagers and university students can often be seen sharing fries for hours at a time.

Ain’t you hungry? I am…

Ronald McDonald in Thailand.

Thai university students in a ‘queue’.

French Fries taste the same in Thailand as in America.

Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand. Always Cleaning

Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand. Taking Orders

Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand. Press 1 for English

Mcdonalds Bangkok Thailand. The McDonald breakfast ain’t bad.

Authentic Thai McDonalds

Everyone needs a taste of home sometimes.

Break time

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