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Moto Taxi Motorcycle Taxi Service in Bangkok Thailand

August 21, 2017 By Richard

Moto Taxi Motorcycle Taxi Service in Bangkok Thailand

Author: George Bowman

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Moto Taxi. So why should a person use a ‘motorcye taxi’? Traffic jams is the #1 reason. Followed closely by too far to walk, too hot, it’s fast and it’s cheap.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys roller coasters, then ‘motorcye taxis’ should be up your alley. If you are the kind of person who looks both ways, twice, before crossing the street, then you probably should not hop on one.

In Bangkok there are motorcycle taxi ‘queues’ on many ‘Sois’ or side streets. Each group should be regulated by Thailand’s Land Transport Authority. Licensed motorcycle taxi operators should wear colored vests along with a certificate that is in the form of a yellow card on the vest. This should show the operators photo and an ID number. There should be a yellow license plate on the bike.

When the traffic opens up, they may go very fast, including between cars. You should pay attention to your knees, elbows and feet to avoid injury. Side mirrors can hurt. Should you have the misfortune to get a daredevil motorcycle driver, or come across a car with a road rage filled driver, it can be a terrifying experience. Many years ago very few ‘motorcye taxi’ drivers wore helmets which made it easier to see if they had been imbibing or not. Nowadays, they all seem to wear a full face helmet.

You should wear a helmet. Some drivers will offer you one. It should be fairly clean. One disadvantage of taking a motorcycle taxi is pollution. You should be able to hold your breath for extended periods of time in case you get stuck behind a smoky bus or delivery truck.

Thailand is ranked #2 in the World for traffic fatalities. About 80 people die each day.

So? Should you…

Moto Taxi. The price list. Let’s say it is a guideline.

Moto Taxi. Yellow license plates and yellow name cards.

Moto Taxi. Sidewalks are considered an extension of the road. I have no idea who the girl in green is.

Moto Taxi. Notice the Ninja look among many of the ‘motorcye’ taxi drivers.

Moto Taxi. Patiently waiting for customers on an infamous street called Soi Nana.

Moto Taxi. Riding Sidesaddle

Moto Taxi. Morning Noodles

Moto Taxi. Most of the drivers are decent folks.

Moto Taxi. Hint: Black plastic seats in the tropics can be hot. People will yell.

The local taxi drivers in my neck of the woods are more laid back than their fellow workers in Bangkok. The guy in the foreground? Only one to have visited Bangkok.

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