Spirit Houses

Spirit Houses Can Be Seen Everywhere In Thailand

August 31, 2017 By Richard

Spirit Houses Can Be Seen Everywhere In Thailand

Author: George Bowman

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Spirit Houses In Thailand a person can see Spirit Houses almost everywhere. Why? Buddhists believe in reincarnation.  And with that belief come Spirits.  Now these Spirits sometimes need a House to call a Home and some like to travel House to House. In other words, some Thais believe that some Spirits have always stayed in a certain neighborhood and some Spirits like to visit other places. These Houses are usually in a chosen spot in the front or in a corner of the property. The location is chosen after inviting a Brahmin priest or someone in the village who is smart about these matters to take a looksee. Much like having the preacher over for dinner.

After the Spirit House is built and blessed, it gives shelter to the Spirits. And Spirits are then often had. These Houses can be built on the cheap and some go for the Gold. The Big House is for the Spirit that lives there and the smaller House is for guests.

Not what I grew up with in Missoura but some hillbillies would have loved to collect these Spirit Houses…

Spirit Houses

Looking Out

Prayers to the Spirits

A typical Spirit House often seen outside a commercial enterprise.

In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle

It seems that with every Spirit House, a Red Fanta is a must.

Making garlands. Dirt cheap.

Going for the Gold

It was explained that the purplish smoke ring is a special Spirit. Thus its prominence on the wall.

Blessing the original Spirit House. Mother Nature loved this Spirit House. She ate it.

Ghost in the Middle

Using the Old Bricks to build the foundation for the Spirit House.

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