thai girls side saddle

Thai Girls Side Saddle Why Do They Ride This Way?

March 1, 2016 By Richard


Thai girls side saddle. I had been watching and admiring the poise and balance of Thai girls sitting on motorcycles for over 14 years, then one day it dawned on me……

Why do Thai Girls Side-Saddle?

Thai girls side saddle

From that day on, I started to look for any visible reasons that would explain why so many Thai girls sit on a motorcycle side-saddle, and not just mindlessly admire them, as I was in the habit of doing.

Thai girls side saddle

Why do Thai Girls Side-Saddle?
This question needs to be answered!

Thai girls side saddle

I was determined to find the answer. Not only to ease my mind, but to help the thousands of other men who have endured many sleepless nights wondering the same thing.

Thai girls side saddle

For over one year I patiently observed as many Thai girls sitting as passengers on motorcycles as I possibly could.

Thai girls side saddle

Watching all of these girls eventually started to pay dividends, I could see some trends appearing that may bring me closer to the answer.

Thai girls side saddle


Fact 1: Around 50% of Thai girls sit side-saddle on a motorcycle.

Fact 2: Obviously, the other 50% sit on the motorbike in the normal fashion.


Have a close look at the photo above. What do you see?
This photo provides the answer that I have been searching for.


Fact 3: Most of the Thai girls who wear shorts or jeans, DO NOT sit side-saddle.
The girls who are wearing jeans or shorts, predominately sit on the motorcycle in the traditional way, with one leg on either side of the seat.


Fact 4: Around 90% of the Thai girls who wear skirts or dresses, DO sit side-saddle.
The girls who are wearing skirts or dresses, sit on the motorcycle side-saddled, some with their legs crossed and some not.

Fact 5: Every male should know and accept they will never understand female logic. 
Being male, and long ago accepting that I will never understand females,
I knew that any explanation I thought correct, would most likely be wrong.

Thai girls side saddle

The correct answer to this question would only come from the girls who sit on the motorcycles side-saddle!

I set about the task of asking over 100 girls the potentially dangerous question, why do they sit on the motorcycle side-saddle, with extreme caution.

As the girls got off the motorcycle I would approach them and ask for a moment of their time to answer a few questions.

FACT 6: Here is a collection of the answers I received. (the ones that are printable in this article)

“If you sit with 1 leg on each side when wearing a skirt, it will be around your waist by the time you get to the end of your soi”. 

“I am shy and it is much more polite and modest to sit sideways with your knees together and your handbag in your lap”.

“My Auntie taught me to sit this way, just like the Thai girls did 100 years ago, when riding on a buffalo or elephant”.

“The wind blows up my skirt if I sit the other way”.

“If I sit on the motorcycle the other way, you can see everything”.

“I only sit this way when I wear a dress. I sit the other way when I wear jeans”.

A collection of photos of Thai girls on motorcycles.