Thai Lottery

Thai Lottery How Do You Pick Your Numbers?

June 5, 2018 By Richard

Thai Lottery How Do You Pick Your Numbers?

Author: George Bowman

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Thai Lottery. Gambling in Thailand is illegal. Will, that is not really true as some gambling is allowed. A person can play the lottery or go to the horse races.

Thai Lottery. The lottery in Thailand is popular despite the low odds of winning and the low payout. The military government that took power in 2014 made lottery reforms a priority and the new mandate stated that the price of a lottery ticket will not exceed B80.

 Thai Lottery. Lottery drawings are on the 1st and 16th of each month and televised on the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand and the radio stations. You will hear the numbers.

Thai Lottery. Let’s say you win a B1 million lottery. You now have $31,180 coming soon. But there is some paperwork that needs to be done first. You are told that taxes need to be paid. That just cost you B5000. Not much. Now sign your name. Head over to government office. They will keep 40% on the original winnings. Taxes not included. Sign your name.  Take your money. All above board and legal.

Thai Lottery. However, many Thais will often play an underground lottery. Underground lotteries are based on numbers drawn in the official lottery. A few years back, my wife won B20,000 from numbers she saw in a dream.

 The search for winning lottery numbers can be bizarre. Thais often pick numbers from news events like the license plate number of a wrecked car, where the driver walked away injury free. Or oddities they observe around the village. Maybe the number of bananas on a stalk or cows with strange markings. Last week, D&G Resort was visited by Thais look for numbers in a spider home.

These two ladies are staring at an old brick found on our land for

lucky numbers.

 I occasionally play the lottery but have never won.

I might try the horse races next…

 Lottery vendors outside the local 7-11. Charlie Brown is amused.

 A grandmother is looking for that special ticket.

 Waiting for the rush period to begin.

 Waiting near the ATM on paydays, is a favorite spot for many lottery vendors.

 On the sidewalks of Bangkok, the lottery vendors are assigned a certain territory they can sell in. This one is from Chinatown.

Looking for Luck in the Shade 

 Lucky Hats

 A lottery vendor must be patient as it often takes considerable time to choose the winning combination.


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