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Thailand Festivals The Thailand Tourism Festival 2017 Lumphini Park Bangkok

January 24, 2017 By Richard

Thailand Festivals The Thailand Tourism Festival 2017

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Thailand Festivals The Thailand Tourism Festival 2017. This festival is the opportunity for the different ethnic people from across the Kingdom to shed light on their unique culture, history and food, at the annual Thailand Tourism Festival


Thailand Festivals The Thailand Tourism Festival 2017. Lumphini Park Bangkok


When: 2pm to 10pm, Jan. 25 through Jan. 29 2017

Where: Lumphini Park Bangkok

This annual tourist festival, now in its 37th year, returns later this month to Bangkok’s largest park; Lumphini Park is a 360 rai open space in Bangkok.

The park offers rare open public space, trees, and playground in the otherwise hectic capital. But come January the park becomes a huge open air display of the uniqueness found in each of the kingdoms five regions.

During the event the park is split into 10 separate zones,  with zone 2, providing a mini representation of the kingdom, with ‘5 villages’, that contain replicas of landmarks, cultural events and the local cuisine, from across each of its five major regions.


Thailand Festivals The Thailand Tourism Festival 2017

The Five Regions of Thailand

The northern region within its village, promises to teach us more about its hill tribes, hosting stalls for Doi Tung coffee and organic vegetables, The Northeastern (Isan) village will have a replica of Phra That Phanom, which is it is one of the most important Theravada Buddhist structures in the region. While the Central village provides, re-creations of famous markets, along with traditional houses.

In the Southern village, visitors will discover a city by the sea with Southern seafood and curries and a local market. The Eastern village will show-case a variety of its attractions including its beaches and islands plus insights into the Eastern culture, along with a representation of the region’s famous Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. There will also be exhibitions of Chantaburi’s famous gems.

That’s not all, in among the other 9 zones scattered around the park there will be other activities include cultural performances, such as classical dances, colourful processions. Plus adventure sport demonstrations such as rock climbing and paint balling.


Thailand Festivals The Thailand Tourism Festival 2017

Other Zones

If you class yourself as a food lover, then Zone 3 is the place to be, it is here where you can try food from all 5 regions, including 50 areas of Bangkok. This melting pot of flavous, colours and aromas is your chance to taste the vibrancy and variety of the kingdom’s cuisine.

The main stage situated in zone 7, will feature live music and cultural plays and performances, from many leading singers and entertainers, as well as cultural performances from the People’s Republic of China celebrating the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rooster.

If you need more on China, then head over to zone 8, to enter ‘China Town’, where you can have your fortune read and pay respect to the Chinese gods. Plus it is your opportunity to try delicious authentic Chinese food and watch more performances from the People’s Republic of China. Along with exhibits on the different ways that Chinese New Year is celebrated across Thailand.


Thailand Festivals The Thailand Tourism Festival 2017

Other high lights of the individual zones are: Zone 9: The Geology Zone, is home to a geological park including dinosaur exhibits and a big screen display, featuring through a virtual tour the many discoveries made in the kingdom.

While Zone 1: The Botanical Gardens, boasts floral displays to honour the late; King Rama IX and featuring exhibitions on the projects initiated by the late King, in his desire to help the Thai people.

The best news of all is the fact that Admission is free and should give visitors plenty of ideas, on where to visit and things to see when travelling in Thailand in 2017.

For more information on the Thailand Tourism Festival TAT Call Center 1672 or +66 2250 5500 ext. 4545-48

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