Thailand Info Officials Target Sham Marriages

July 26, 2016 By Richard

Thailand Info Officials Target sham marriages of foreign men and Thai women

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Thailand Info Officials Target Sham Marriages

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Thailand Info Officials Target Sham Marriages. For several months, the government has been trying to catch and prosecute foreigners and Thai women engaged in sham marriages that are in place to let the men, often involved in shady or illegal businesses in Thailand or abroad, to remain in the country.

Now, officials are targeting police and immigration officers that might be allowing these marriages by accepting bribes and not calling attention to what are not legit relationships.

The crackdown on the officers is the latest step in the Immigration Bureau’s project to oust international criminals from Thailand.

Immigration Bureau’s chief Nathathorn Prousoontorn has warned his officers across the country about being involved in illegal acts. He has not identified any specific corrupt officers but his actions suggest that he was concerned by the work of some of his officers who check the travel documents of foreigners and arrest those suspected of breaking the law.

“There may have been immigration officers demanding extra or special fees in certain cases. If these officers are caught, they will be subject to both disciplinary and criminal punishments,” said Pol. Lt. Gen. Nathathorn said a written order.

The commander of any officer caught in this kind of corrupt behavior may also be punished.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Nathathorn has voiced ideas about possible corruption amongst officers since April after an alleged South Korean criminal may have married a Thai woman simply to remain in the country, reported Bangkok Post.

At that time, Pol. Lt. Gen. Nathathorn asked immigration officers to investigate if any officials worked with foreigners to allow sham marriages.

The South Korean alleged criminal, Jung Hyuneseok, 47, was wanted by Interpol and South Korean police for drug trafficking last year when he married a Thai woman, possibly as a way to stay in the country.

Another alleged Japanese Yakuza member, Shuhei Yoshizawa, was arrested May 1, for the same crime of entering a sham marriage.

Last year officials gave legal long-term stay to 7,770 foreign men married to Thai women in Bangkok and the nearby provinces. Among the registered marriage, 819 cases were later found to have some questions raised about the legitimacy of the marriages.

Thailand Info Officials Target Sham Marriages

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