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Thailand People Sleep the Least in Asia Pacific

August 17, 2016 By Richard

Thailand People Sleep the Least in Asia Pacific and spend most time online

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Thailand People Sleep the Least in Asia Pacific

According to a survey about healthy living in Asia-Pacific by AIA insurance group, Thais sleep the fewest hours and spend the most non-work related time online.

The survey collected lifestyle answers from 10,000 adults in 15 countries, including 750 Thais. Thai respondents answered that they slept an average of 6.3 hours per day, but that they wished they were getting an average of 7.7 hours daily.

The number of hours slept daily by Thai people was lowest in the 15 countries — but Malaysians and South Koreans reported that they get the same average amount of 6.3 hours.

The survey also returned the data that Thais spent the most time online doing non-work related browsing — five hours a day. This was the highest number in the region.

Surprisingly, most survey respondents stated that they knew spending too much time online was bad for their health. More than 80 percent of respondents knew that spending so much time online left them less time for exercise and sleep and was bad for posture, reported Bangkok Post.

Three quarters of the Thai respondents said that they believed they were addicted to the internet and did not know how to change. That number is much higher than the average of 57 percent of Asia-Pacific residents who answered that they were addicted to being online.

AIA made the prediction that, based on their survey, internet addiction will likely increase instead of decrease.

The company also expressed concern about Thai children since the parents surveyed said that their children do not get enough sleep or exercise.

Thailand People Sleep the Least in Asia Pacific

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