Thailand Trang Moon Festival 2018

Thailand Trang Moon Festival 2018 offers cultural shows, food stalls, contests and more

August 9, 2018 By Richard

Thailand Trang Moon Festival 2018 

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The unique frog-head tuk-tuk and Sino-Portuguese building in Trang city

Thailand Trang Moon Festival 2018. The ‘Trang Moon Festival’ has long been observed by Chinese people in Thung Yao in Trang province’s Palian district and the ‘Trang Moon Festival 2018’ is scheduled for this 22-24 September.

Through the staging of this traditional festival, the Chinese commemorate the fight for their nation against the Mongols. Trang province was one of Thailand’s trading ports and trade with the Chinese was frequent, thus many Chinese made Trang their home.

Highlights of the three-day ‘Trang Moon Festival 2018’ include Chinese food stalls, cultural performances, an antique exhibition, moon princess contest, ancient dessert making demonstrations, Thung Yao sweet tea tasting and an altar decorating contest.

Each year a beautiful altar is set up for the festival, to give thanks to the moon.

Thailand Trang Moon Festival 2018 . A southern province on the coast of the Andaman sea, Trang is known for its picturesque attractions which offer visitors plenty of sightseeing opportunities and unique Thai local experiences in and around the ‘Trang Moon Festival 2018’. These include Morakot Cave, Khao Kob Cave, Peninsular Botanic Garden, Pak Meng Beach, Chan Chala Night Market, Sivalai Beach and Hat Chao Mai National Park.

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Thailand Trang Moon Festival 2018

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