Thailand visa Thai-Cambo border closed

September 13, 2015 By Richard

Thailand visa

A large number of unconfirmed reports suggest that Immigration officers along the Thai-Cambodian border are no longer allowing Out/In border runs.

BANGKOK:– Throughout the last 24 hours, has received reports that suggest officers at Immigration check points along the Thai-Cambodian border are no longer stamping visa exempt entries, and therfore effectively closed for people wishing to complete an Out/In border run.

Reports started surfacing on Saturday afternoon (Sept 12), when several members posted similar information to the Thaivisa forum.

It remains unclear if this affects all land border checkpoints or only those on the Thai-Cambodian border.

It is also unclear if only those people staying in Thailand on visa exempt entries are affected or if this also impacts people who have a valid Tourist Visa.

This thread posted by a Thaivisa member says checkpoints along the Thai-Cambodian border, as well as the Phu Nam Ron checkpoint at Kanchanaburi, are no longer stamping 15 or 30 day waiver stamps, but are accepting those with a valid Multiple Entry Non-O or Tourist Visa.

More reports made to Thaivisa also seemed to confirm the information regarding the Thai-Cambodian border, and also suggested that those with valid Tourist Visas may also be affected.

It is important to stress that all reports remain unconfirmed at this stage and despite our best efforts late last night and early on Sunday morning, Thaivisa is yet to receive official confirmation from the Immigration Bureau.

Speculation is mounting that this sudden change in Immigration procedure along the Thai-Cambodian border in response to the Bangkok bombings.

Earlier this week, Thailand police chief Somyot Pumpanmuang revealed that Bangkok bomb suspect, Adem Karadag, had bribed his way into Thailand paying approximately 20,000 THB to enter using a fake passport.

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