Various pics around Sattahip

Various pics around Sattahip, Thailand

July 19, 2015 By Richard

Various pics around Sattahip

Sattahip is one of interesting districts in Chonburi, where the location of this district is next to Banglamung District (Pattaya). Because about half of the territory of Sattahip is touching the sea, there are naval bases situating along its coast. Those who have been in Sattahip would have already know this, because many attractions are under responsibility of Thai navy.

However, the security from the navy would make a little annoying for visitors (you need to exchange your passport with a gate-entering card, and those who ride a motorcycle must wear a helmet). But the rules also make things in manageable, neat, and clean. This is a reason why attractions in Sattahip are always great for tourists to visit.

As mention above, Sattahip is the coastal district in Chonburi, so many attractions in Sattahip are beautiful beaches such as Toie Ngam Beach, Sai Kaew Beach, Dongtan Beach, Nangram Beach, Bang-Sarey, and Samae San. However, there are also other types of attractions in Sattahip – Nong Nooch Garden, Silverlake Winery, Wat Yansangwararam, Sea Turtle Conservation Center, and a few temples.

Those who would like to stay for a night or a few nights when visiting Sattahip do not have to worry because there are naval guest houses for rent to support your need, but you should book a room in advance for a weekend or holiday. You can also find an available room at a city close to Sattahip as Pattaya or Rayong. By the way there are many visitors go to Sattahip for just a one-day trip because it not far from Bangkok.